General Siberian and Pure-bred Dog Information
People new to the world of pure-bred dogs, and Siberians specifically, often have a number of questions about how to begin to search for their new pet, and what to do with that puppy and dog once it comes home. For that reason, on this page and three others, we have provided answers to some of those Frequently Asked Questions about Siberian Huskies. We hope you find them helpful.

I'm interested in Siberian, what do I do now?
They are stunningly attractive animals, but they don't always make the best pets for all people. Before getting your heart set on a Siberian, we encourage you to visit the Siberian Husky Club of America's web site and pay particular attention to the sections on The Siberian Husky and So, You Want a Siberian Husky. After reading these documents, if you still want a Siberian Husky, read on . . .

What does AKC-registered or pedigreed mean?
Some people may think that AKC-registered or pedigreed equates to quality--unfortunately, this is not true. The only thing that AKC-registered means is that the dog is registered with the American Kennel Club, the largest pure-bred dog registry body in the US. If a dog is AKC-registered, that means the dog's lineage (or pedigree) can be traced back through all AKC-registered stock to the original Siberian Husky imports. It does not mean any more than that.
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What about "husky" mixes from the pound-isn't it the same as getting a Siberian at almost no cost?
Saving a dog from destruction at the local pound is a wonderful thing-it's great to give that dog a second chance. Occasionally, there are pure-bred dogs in pounds and humane societies (for more information, please refer to the following question about Rescue). And many "pound" dogs make wonderful pets. There is one question to ask about a mix: if one half is Siberian, what is the other half? When getting a pure-bred dog, you generally know what to expect in size, temperament, etc. With a mix, you never know. If the "other half" is Saint Bernard, your expectation of a 50-pound dog will not be realized. And, if the "other half" is Wolf, you now have a partially wild animal.
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What are "rescue" dogs?
Unfortunately, due to a variety of causes, such as "impulse" buying, unknowledgeable breeders, changes in circumstances, lack of education, etc., not all dogs end up in good homes for them. This is true for all breeds, including Siberians. Therefore, there are always some pure-bred dogs available for placement in new homes. Groups who help place these dogs are called "Rescue" organizations. Many of these dogs, although apparently pure-bred, do not come with their AKC Registration "papers," and they have been generally spayed or neutered. However, they can make great pets. If you want to learn more about Siberian Rescue, please visit this link on the SHCA site.
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What does it mean when a dog is a Champion?
When a dog is shown and wins with a required amount of competition and under different judges, he or she will be awarded the title of Champion (similarly, there are titles for dogs who succeed in Obedience, Agility, Sled Racing, Tracking, and many others for other breeds). Although earning the title shows that judges felt the dog to be better than his or her competition, there are many fine dogs that were never shown or that never completed their titles. So each person should evaluate each dog based on the Standard and not necessarily on his record of wins.
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What is the difference between a Siberian Husky, an Alaskan Malamute, and an Alaskan Husky?
Although all of these breeds (and a few others) trace their heritage to northern climes, there are some distinct differences between them. The Malamute is a large, draft animal. Although similar in appearance to the Siberian, you will find some notable differences: the Malamute is about double the size of a Siberian; the ears of Malamutes are also set much lower on a much broader head; and Malamutes tend to bark more than Siberians. The Alaskan Husky is not a pure-bred dog. Generally, the name "Alaskan Husky" is one given to a cross-bred animal produced for sled dog racing. This is generally some sort of hound (for more of a sprint-racing animal with longer legs) crossed with a Siberian (for more ability to survive in the cold). Siberians are a pure-bred dog, domesticated long ago by the Chukchi natives of northern Siberia. They are more of a distance runner, and a much more moderate dog than the Malamute.
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