About the Club
The Northern California Siberian Husky Club, Inc., founded in 1971, was the first Siberian Husky Club west of the Rockies and south of Alaska to be licensed by the American Kennel Club to hold Specialty Shows. The first Specialty was held in April of 1987, and they are held each spring of odd-numbered years. The Club was organized to provide an organization for those interested in the Siberian Husky, whether or not Siberian owners, and to educate persons in all aspects of the breed. Meetings and Club events are open to anyone interested in the Siberian Husky, and all are encouraged to attend.

Meetings & Activities
The Club's meetings are held at a local park or at a member's home in the Bay Area. The meetings consist mainly of Club business, but often include a program or video of interest to fanciers, including conformation, obedience, sledding, general care, grooming, nutrition, genetics, and inherited problems.

The meetings and activities provide an opportunity for Siberian enthusiasts to meet and talk with others likewise interested in the breed. The activities offer much in the way of exchange of ideas and personal experiences, as well as an opportunity to share rewarding accomplishments of the breed. Such activities are a way for Siberian Husky fanciers to learn from each other.

Over the years, the NCSHC, Inc., has also sponsored a variety of activities, including AKC-sanctioned specialty matches; a supported entry at an AKC-licensed all-breed show; tattoo and eye clinics; informal sledding, obedience, and conformation clinics; educational seminars; an awards program recognizing the accomplishments of Club members and their dogs in conformation, obedience, and racing; and an Annual Meeting/Holiday Party.

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The NCSHC, Inc., publishes a Newsletter six times a year. All issues of the Newsletter are posted here on the website. Please feel free to down the current and/or any past issues. The Newsletter contains articles on current topics of interest, a schedule of upcoming events, and show results.

2018 Newsletters:
January/February 2018
March/April 2018

2017 Newsletters:
January/February 2017
March/April 2017
May/June 2017
July/August 2017
September/October 2017
November/December 2017

2016 Newsletters:
January/February 2016
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2015 Newsletters:
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2012 Newsletters:

January/February 2012
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For More Information
Anyone interested in more information about the Club, the Newsletter, or owning a Siberian Husky, please feel free to e-mail the Club at: info@ncshc.com, or contact any one of the Club & Referral Information Network representatives listed below. If you want to be placed on the Club's electronic and/or snail mail mailing lists, send your e-mail and/or snail mail addresses to the Club at: info@ncshc.com.

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Club & Information Referral Network
The Club has network for Club, Siberian, and Referral Information, chaired by Cheri Borromeo (415) 388-0329. Network Representatives (by area code) are as follows:

Area Code
Phone and/or E-mail
Lynn Olds 408/374-1495
Cheri Borromeo 415/388-0329
Donna Beckman 510/524-9950
Lori Chou 530/363-0427
Nancy Mead 775/329-9167
Judy Tamagni 707/942-6409
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Officers and Directors

Kelly Collins
Judy Tamagni
Helen Hamilton
Donna Beckman

Lori Chou -- Jessica Parks -- Josh Wilson

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