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40th Anniversary Specialty Trivia

Thanks to all who participated! Our 40th Anniversary Trivia Contest was quite a success. Here is a complete list of the questions and correct answers. 

Trivia Questions & Answers:

  1. When was NCSHC's FIRST AKC-licensed specialty held?
    Correct Answer:  Saturday, April 25, 1987
  2. When was the event expanded to include Sweepstakes on Friday?
    Correct Answer:  Friday, April 27, 2001
  3. At how many different locations have NCSHC's Specialties been held?  And, what and where are those locations?
    Correct Answer:  5 (although credit could be given for 6).  They were:  1. Holiday Inn, South San Francisco; 2. Ramada Inn, South San Francisco (actually the SAME location as #1, but it was renamed; so come might count it separately); 3. Dunfey Hotel, San Mateo (now a Marriott); 4. Doubletree, Burlingame; 5. Airport Inn, San Jose; 6. Inn Marin, Novato.
  4. When did NCSHC's specialty first move to what we believe to be the best show site in the country (Inn Marin, Novato, CA)?
    Correct Answer:  Friday and Saturday, April 27 & 28, 2001.
  5. Has NCSHC ever had any judges adjudicate at more than one specialty?  If so, how many times, who, and when?
    Correct Answer:  Yes; 6 (although credit would be given for an answer of 7 -- if they include 2011); 1. Anna Mae Forsberg (1987 & 1999); 2. Natalie A. Norris (1987 & 2005); 3. Rosalie Alvarez (1991 & 1997); 4. Joy Graeme Messinger (1993 & 2003); 5. Delbert Thacker (2001 & 2007); 6. Maryl Foster (2001, 2011, & 2011); 7. Janis Church Stadler (2011 & 2011).
  6. Have there ever been any repeat winners (that is, the same entrant winning the exact same award [higher than a class placement] more than one year) at NCSHC Specialties?  If so, how many, who, what did each win, and when? 
    Correct Answer:  Yes, 6 times:  1. Casandra Clark Best in Junior Showmanship (1993 & 1995); 2. Ch. NeeChee's Foothills Timber, CDX, owned by Musci & McFayden High in Trial (1997 & 1999); 3. Lauren House Best in Junior Showmanship (2001 & 2003); 4. Jadzia Dax II owned by Bernstein High in Trial (2001 & 2003); 5. Ch. Stoli's California Dreamin owned by Tews Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes (2005 & 2007); and 6. Ch. Karnovanda's North By Northwest owned by Foster, Russell, & Beckman, Best of Breed (2005 & 2007).
  7. Has a class dog or class bitch ever won Best of Breed at one of the NCSHC Specialty?  If so, who, when, and under what judge(s)?
    Correct Answer:  Yes; at the first Specialty, April 25, 1987, Natalie Norris awarded Winners Dog, Best of Breed, and Best of Winners.  The dog was Tarnika's Brenlar Bleu Jester owned by Ahsmuhs.
  8. Has a class dog or bitch ever won Best of Opposite Sex at NCSHC Specialty?  If so, who and when?  And under what judge(s)?
    Correct Answer:  Yes, 3 time; 1. At our first specialty in 1987, Natalie A. Norris awarded Best of Opposite Sex to Winners Bitch Clymara's Chanel, owned by Porter & Rivera.  2. In 1993, Nina Schaefer awarded Kristari's Sunshine II owned by Osharow Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex.  3. Then, in 2001, Phyllis Brayton awarded Wildestar's Mercury Rising owned by Hartronft & Valletta, Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex.
  9. In all the NCSHC Specialty Shows, how many times have males been awarded Best of Breed, and how many times have females been awarded Best of Breed?
    Correct Answer:  8 Dogs have won Best of Breed, and 4 Bitches have won Best of Breed.
  10. Have any current or past NCSHC, Inc., members judged at NCSHC biennial specialties?  If so, who, when, and what did he/she judge?
    Correct Answer:  Yes; two former members and two members have judged at NCSHC specialties:  Former members Sherry Al-Mufti judged Sweepstakes in 2005 and Susan Nikkel judged
    conformation and juniors in 2009; members Nancy Mead judged Sweepstakes
    in 2009 and Phyllis Brayton judged conformation in 2001.


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