Puppy Crate Training, Potty Training, Leash Training

Crate Training
Okay, so now you have that new Siberian puppy you've always dreamed about, what do you do now. If you've done your homework you are prepared for that bundle of joy. You should have purchased a Vari Kennel (I use a 300 for females and a 400 for males) or other kind of portable dog crate. If you haven't purchased one yet please go out and do so now, it will make your life easier from this point on.

Your first night alone with your puppy can be a trying experience. Be prepared for your puppy's crying and wailing for at least three nights (more or less). Don't worry we all feel guilty the first night when they're howling their brains out for their mom and siblings.

Housing your puppy in a crate at night helps them learn to control their bladder and keeps your floors/carpets urine/feces free. It also gives them a secure place to go to when they need that comfort. Don't forget to give him/her a fuzzy toy to sleep with. It helps them and you feel better about this whole new experience.

It is not cruel for them to be confined, they actually prefer their own place where they know it will be safe. It may not look or sound like they enjoy it in the beginning but eventually they learn to love their crates. It's a safe place for them and before you know it they will be going in there crate whenever they feel they need to get away from it all and rest.

This is my rule in the beginning; whenever puppy is not with me or playing, it is in its crate. This helps them learn that being it their crate is comforting, and helps them learn not to soil their surroundings. They eventually as they get older automatically go to their kennel when they are tired. It you travel by plane or auto and stay in hotels then crate training can also be a big plus. Those dogs that are comfortable about being crated are always welcomed guests in hotels and make it much easier to transport them when you travel.
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Potty Training
This is where crate training excels. If you get your puppy used to his/her crate they will not soil their living space. But you do have to remember puppies make mistakes and owners make mistakes. We all get lazy along the way. Eventually they will learn to hold it until they get outside.

You have to remember your puppy's bladder is the size of a walnut. Just think if your bladder was that small, how many times would you have to go? This is how it usually works: Puppy wakes up, puppy has to pee; puppy plays, puppy has to pee; puppy eats, puppy has to pee/or other; puppy gets excited, puppy has to pee. If you keep these rules in mind then you can always anticipate your puppy's potty time; which is always. It is said that when your puppy has not had a accident in the house in two weeks straight then it is potty trained. Be warned that it could be at least 6 months before this miraculous occurrence happens.
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Leash Training
Most people start leashing training to late or usually never do it. I start as soon as the new puppy gets home I place a buckle collar on him/her. I let the pup get used to this idea for a day or so. Then comes the leash. I usually attach a very light weight 4 foot leash on the collar and let the puppy drag it around for a few hours. I eventually pick up the leash and hold it to let the puppy know what it feels like to be on the end of a leash. I never force him/her to follow me in the beginning. I gradually hold the leash for longer periods of time until I know the puppy will not get freaked out by the whole situation. Sooner or later they get the idea and before you know it you can walk your puppy without your puppy feeling resentful about the leash.

Now it's time for you and puppy to join an obedience training class. Try puppy kindergarten classes they are a wonderful way to prepare you and your puppy for the real world.
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